The Behavioral Evidence Hub: a collection of behavioral solutions, backed by rigorous evidence.

There is no shortage of difficult problems in the world. Yet all too often, innovative solutions remain buried in academic research.

The B-Hub puts new tools in the hands of individuals and organizations working across the globe to improve people’s lives. The B-Hub is not an index of lengthy research papers; it’s a curated collection of innovations. Each innovation describes a behavioral product or design that has been rigorously tested in the real-world, all with a rich collection of implementation details to make replication in your own context possible.

In short, The Behavioral Evidence Hub bridges the longstanding gap between research and the real world by collecting evidence-based, behaviorally-informed solutions and bringing them directly to the people who can put them to work. The path to expansive social impact is now clearer than ever.

Here’s what you’ll find on the B-Hub:

Innovations -- behavioral solutions to solve problems

B-Hub innovations use insights from the emerging field of behavioral science to solve a particular challenge. We invite you to browse innovations that have been used to tackle problems in your field or location of interest, or draw inspiration from innovations that have proven effective at tackling similar problems somewhere else. Our goal is to facilitate knowledge and adoption of these innovations to improve programs around the world and achieve even greater impact at scale. Start browsing…

Projects -- applications of the innovations in real-world contexts

Supporting every innovation on the B-Hub is a collection of one or more projects which have applied the innovation in a real-world context and evaluated its impact.

Project pages include details about the problem solved, descriptions and examples of the tested solutions, and tips for people looking to implement similar designs elsewhere. Every project featured on this site was written by one of our partners listed below.

If you know of a project or program that should be made available on the B-Hub, please submit an addition.

Checklists -- easy guides for optimizing program design

How behaviorally informed is your existing program, service or product? Test it using our Behavioral Design Checklists. These checklists can help you avoid common mistakes that stand in the way of real impact. We recommend returning to these checklists often to make sure your programs remain maximally effective.

Additional Resources -- to learn more about behavioral science, impact evaluations and the B-Hub.

We encourage you to explore our Frequently Asked Questions for more info about the B-Hub. There are also overviews and introductions to behavioral science and impact evaluations on our Resources page.

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