The Behavioral Evidence Hub: Content Submission

Interested in submitting a project to the B-Hub? Check to see if your project qualifies.

Which projects are eligible for submission?

To be considered for submission, your project must fulfill the following four requirements:

1. BEHAVIORAL: The theory of change and intervention design draw on insights from behavioral science research.

2. APPLICABLE: The intervention was applied in a real-world setting. It is well-defined and simple, thereby easy for a practitioner not well versed in behavioral science to copy.

3. RIGOROUS: An evaluation was performed using a randomized experimental methodology.

4. EFFECTIVE: The evaluation found the behavioral component of the intervention to have a statistically significant quantitative impact, with a p-value ≤ 0.05.

What is the process for publishing a project?

1. Submit the form below.
2. Upon submission, you will receive an email with instructions for how to submit further details.
3. We will correspond directly with you with any questions regarding your submission.
4. We will publish all eligible pieces on the site, crediting you and your organization as the author.

Note: Complete project write-ups are usually between 700 – 1,500 words and outline the challenge faced, images of the final design and specific implementation details.

Occasionally we will select and write-up important studies to be featured on B-Hub directly.

What is the B-Hub and who is behind it?

For more information about the B-Hub and a list of contributing partners, visit our About page.

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