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    I’ve heard different opinions on this.  Curious what you all think.

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    Erik Simmons

    Hi Manasee,

    Really interesting consideration and I’d be curious to hear your thoughts—or what you’ve been hearing across disciplines. Hailing from the Behavioral Sciences, I’d assert the following: nudge as a blanket term is absolutely not the right word to use describing behavioral sciences as a whole field. A nudge is a class of light touch behavior change strategies that can be used to modify human behavior or human behavioral systems. To categorize the whole field as ‘nudging’ is likely an oversimplification of all the many determinants, disciplines, and strategies used to change and study human behavior. However, it seems in the modern epoch of popularity, nudging is at the top of the podium!

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    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thhogut of that!

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